2018 – Air Adelphi Engineering became the maintenance arm for the company operating from its own hanger at Argyle

2022 – Air Adelphi Ltd was fully licensed as an air carrier

2024 – Limited expansion to the regional islands

Air Adelphi grew from the continued demand of visitors to the island of Mustique which led to the creation of the islands own certified airline.

About Us

Our Personal Development

During the development of both the Engineering Organisation and the Air Carrier recruitment of personnel primarily from the mother island of St Vincent began and Air Adelphi is proud to say that our Director of Operations & Chief Pilot are both men of the soil as are the majority of both Pilots and Engineers alike.

This recruitment continues as the carrier grows.

Meet Our Team-members

From Janitors to Senior Flight Crew and all in between everyone plays an integral part of the Air Adelphi team below is a small sample of our family

Gregory Williams

Director of Operations / ECCAA Designated Examiner / Line Captain

Everett Best

Chief Pilot / ECCAA Designated Examiner / Ground School Instructor / Line Captain

Nigel Morton

Director of Safety / ECCAA Designated Instructor / Line Captain

Team SVG

Our Fleet

The DeHavilland Twin Otters were chosen because of their unique ability to operate into challenging short strips in the Grenadines, a job they perform well. During 2022 and through and including 2024 they were all sent to a facility in Canada where they were given a full inspection to ensure they are in best condition possible – new interiors and new cockpit instrumentation.

Born from the need for sustainable air links between the island of Mustique to the other regional islands, Air Adelphi became a fully fledged commercial air carrier in 2022, using its own fleet of 5 Twin Otter aircraft it now breaks new ground it local linking of the islands to the north of St Vincent.

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